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My lovessss
Preppin for yearbook photo in jammies




The most important line in the whole damn song. MESSAGE.

The only historically accurate line in the whole film. 

excuse u

"Sasha comes over and she grabs me when she gets excited about something – like when we passed our third month mark working together. She says, ‘It’s like we’re dating!’ I start laughing and say, ‘You’re really in my personal space and it’s freaking me out.’ She doesn’t. care. She hangs on and on. I really adore that woman. Our families have vacationed together. Our kids have gotten to know each other.”-Angie Harmon"

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Sasha Alexander @ Heart Annual Brunch With Stella McCartney - April 16, 2014





Obama on gay adoption 

You the man

fucking beautiful


yeah totally ruining this country what a horrible guy


trying to write the first paragraph of a thing


  • Friend: go ask
  • Me: no you go ask
  • Friend: no you
  • Me: fine can i have ketchup
  • me: ok i’ll study at 8:00

    clock: 8:00

    me: *pretends i didn’t see*


    "I haven’t had that much trouble coming out since 1997." (x)

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    How do I survive without my best friend?


    This makes me want to cryyyyy

    god that first gif where maura bites her lip and just KNOWS.